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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Dentist Was Doing at Your Checkup

When you head into your dentist you’re probably thinking they’re just going to look at the health of your teeth and gums, and that that’s all they’ll be concerned about. You may be surprised to learn that dentist’s pay attention to a lot of tiny details during your visit that give them clues about your overall dental health. While watching for cavities and ensuring you’re practicing good dental hygiene are certainly central to their concerns, below you’ll find a list of other things that they look out for.

Your Overall Health

First impressions are important, and your dentist can learn a lot about you from theirs. How you walk, the sound of your voice, the health of your skin, even your posture can tell them a lot about your overall health. A raspy voice combined with flushed skin can indicate that you have a viral infection, for instance.

The Symmetry Of Your Face

The way your face appears can tell your dentist a lot about the health of your jaw and teeth, so anything that makes it appear asymmetrical is going to peak their interest. Things like cross-bite, over-bite, and under-bite all have visual indicators that will alert them before they ever look in your mouth.

The State Of Your Saliva

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that saliva plays a vital role in your oral health. Saliva helps to fight bacteria, clean teeth, and even to help those teeth heal through remineralization. Every visit your dentist will check on the health of your salivary system and overall mouth.

The Mucosa of Your Mouth

Mucosa refers to all the tissue inside your mouth, including the cheeks, tongue, etc. The health, color, and texture of these tissues are a good indicator of problems that may be happening, and so are closely monitored by your dentist.

The Health Of Your Tongue

Those who are experiencing chronic halitosis may have issues with the health of their tongue. Your dentist will start by making sure you brush your tongue regularly, and then will take time to examine its texture, color, and shape.

Inspecting For Oral Cancer

One of the most important parts of regular oral hygiene visits is checking to see if you’re showing any signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is imminently treatable provided that it’s caught early enough, so your twice yearly visits to the dentist are essential to preventing tragedy.

If it’s been too long since you’ve seen your dentist, any period over six months, then it’s important that you make an appointment to be seen today. If you don’t have a dentist or are new to the Rockdale, TX area, then consider giving Dr. David Pendleton a call at the Rockdale Smiles Center. Along with his team of oral health experts Dr. Pendleton has been helping the local community develop good hygiene practices and has watched carefully over the subtle details of oral health that can indicate problems early. Call and make an appointment today and start your journey to good dental health with the Rockdale Smiles Center.

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