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3 Procedures That Whiten Teeth

There’s something about being able to share a bright shining smile with the world that just makes every day feel a bit bitter. Proper hygiene and maintenance of our teeth are just as important to our overall appearance as freshly pressed clothes or a nice haircut. With a perfect smile that sparkles in the sun, you’ll stand out from the crowd and make great first impressions, which can get you ahead socially, and in your career. Teeth whitening isn’t a complex procedure, but its results can produce an impact that will stand the ages.

Laser Teeth Whitening

One of the newest whitening procedures on the market today, laser whitening combines advanced laser technology with great dental medicine to produce beautiful white smiles. The name is a bit misleading though, implying that its the laser that does the work, but this isn’t the case. The laser is used to activate a chemical agent that is applied to the teeth that does the actual whitening. The length of time the agent is exposed to the laser determines the degree of whitening accomplished. The gums, eyes, and lips will be covered with a layer of protection to prevent discomfort from the laser procedure. Crowns and veneers are both immune to this treatment method, so take care of them.

Whitening Gels

This technique is great for those who don’t have a significant degree of discoloration nor the time to spend in the dentist’s office. Stopping by your local pharmacy will avail you of a wide variety of whitening gel solutions that you can use at home. These treatments contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, both effective whitening agents. Some tooth sensitivity can result from using a gel whitening procedure, a result that can be avoided by using the mouthpiece that holds the gel for short periods of time rather than the full period.

Internal Bleaching

When you’ve had to have a root canal it’s often the case that your teeth are deeply discolored. This provides an opportunity for your dentist to do an intense whitening treatment that tackles the whole tooth. Unfortunately this does mean that only selected teeth can be treated, since only those that need a root canal can receive this form of treatment. Internal bleaching is incredible thorough and results in great results for most patient. Be certain to return to a series of regular dental hygiene to ensure that these teeth don’t become discolored.

Teeth whitening is a great procedure for those looking to improve the appearance of their smile, and it’s available from most dental offices, including the Rockdale Smiles Center. Dr. David Pendleton has been helping patients in the Rockdale, TX area get their best smiles through the use of cosmetic and restorative dentistry performed alongside a routine of preventative care essay paper. If you’re looking for an opportunity to improve your smile and leave it looking great, call and make an appointment for a check-up and consultation today. It’s never too soon to start battling stained teeth, or starting a habit of routine cleanings.

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