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What Is A Zirconia Crown?

Medical advances quickly in our modern age, and dental technology marches with it. Every year we see new advancements and innovations that provide opportunities to restore damaged teeth in ways we couldn’t before. Crowns and bridges have been a central part of restorative dentistry for decades, but the latest developments bring techniques and materials that…

What Does Impaction Mean?

When we’re born we usually have enough room in our mouth for exactly 32 teeth, but while this is enough space for most people, some unfortunates get to anticipate the arrival of their wisdom teeth. Others were born with mouths that were too small to accommodate the normal 32, or with teeth that are angled…

The How’s and Why’s Of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a common topic as we’re growing up, and one that a dentist will eventually bring up to you as you get older. It’s likely that you’ve known people who have had to have their wisdom teeth removed, or have seen videos online of people coming out of sedation a bit loopy from…

Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth loss and missing teeth are a common issue that we see patients seeking a solution to on a regular basis. After all, your smile is what shows that you’re confident and happy. Those who suffer from tooth loss report low self-esteem and a general feeling of discontent. The good news is, however, there are…

The Relationship Between Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease/Diabetes

It might sound outlandish, but heart disease and diabetes can be closely tied to periodontal disease (gum disease). Despite the common belief that these diseases are totally unrelated, periodontal disease has been proven to be a common denominator between both diseases. Gum Disease Gum disease occurs in three stages. Each stage is characterized by progressively…

Dr. Beau Blankenship, DDS Under the guidance of Dr. Beau Blankenship, Sabal General Dentistry brings dental care to families in and around the Rockdale, TX area with over a decade of experience. As a dental surgery graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center, he focuses on building patient relationships that last a lifetime.

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