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Different Types of Braces


Orthodontics is a diverse field that provides multiple options for handling dental concerns including uneven teeth and misaligned bites. When trying to correct teeth that are experiencing overcrowding or are coming in crooked braces are a common solution. What type of braces a patient gets is decided in part by the needs of their dental health, and in part by patient preference. If you’re wondering what kind of braces are available, read through this guide to learn more.

Metal Braces: The Traditional Method

When most people think of braces these are going to be what comes to mind. Prominent metal cages wrapped around the patient’s teeth with brackets attached to the teeth themselves. The colors that you often see in these are the elastic bands that are used to alter the alignment of the patient’s teeth through the life of the orthodontic treatment. Anytime that someone with braces smiles or talk it’s impossible to miss the braces. With the development happening in the dental industry these aren’t often used anymore.

Ceramic Braces: Invisible Traditional

This type of braces is very similar to traditional braces except where the materials are concerned. These braces are more closely matched in color to the natural color of your teeth, making them difficult to notice on casual inspection. Before Invisalign came along these braces were very popular thanks to their being difficult to spot.

Lingual Braces: Inside Out Traditional

Lingual braces are a pretty incredible invention that made it so that you could get all the benefits of having braces without having everyone know it. Unfortunately, they’re also mounted on the throat side of your teeth instead of the lip side which means that your tongue tends to get cut upon them at first. They were never terribly comfortable and they weren’t as effective as normal braces, but some people liked them for their invisible nature.


Invisalign isn’t just a new kind of brace, it’s an absolute revolution in orthodontics. Invisalign orthodontic treatments involve wearing removable adjusters on your teeth for 22 hours out of every day. As your teeth adjust you move on to the next set of trays until your teeth have finally reached the desired position. You can take them out to eat, to clean them, to brush your teeth, so long as they aren’t out for more than 2 hours a day. They really changed the way orthodontics were done.

All of these treatments will ultimately accomplish the same goal, producing a beautifully straight smile in people who presently have an imperfect smile. If you’re wanting to know if braces are right for you and which ones are available to treat your particular concern pick up the phone and call Dr. David Pendleton in Rockdale, TX today. Through their work with patients at the Rockdale Smiles Center, they’ve produced beautiful smiles for their patients who are now unafraid to share their smiles with the world. Don’t let imperfect teeth make you feel ashamed of your smiling face, call today!

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