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Do I Need A Root Canal?

Rendering of Root Canal Treatment

When decay gets bad enough, it’s not uncommon for the pulp at the heart of your tooth to get infected. This infection can lead to an abscess and can make it necessary to have your tooth extracted if something isn’t done. Extracting teeth comes with its own host of problems, so saving the tooth is of paramount importance to your dentist. Root canal treatments are a common way of saving teeth that are currently infected from having to be removed. If you’re experiencing symptoms and want to know if they indicate a root canal may be necessary, keep reading.

Persistent Dental Pain Is A Warning Sign

If you’re experiencing dental pain that is persistent and ongoing, there’s definitely something wrong with your tooth. Persistent pain doesn’t have to be constant; it can be recurrent or only appear in response to certain stimuli. Persistence requires only that the pain commonly returns again and again. This pain may be felt in the tooth, the jaw, your face, or even in the nearby teeth. This kind of pain is typically caused by extensive decay and infection and may indicate a root canal is necessary.

Heat and Cold Sensitivity

If you experience pain when your teeth are exposed to cold or hot foods, it can be an indication that there’s a problem with your teeth. Sensitivity often feels sharp but can also appear as a dull ache. In cases where this pain lingers, or the sensitivity is ongoing, a root canal may be called for. Root canal treatments can address the nerves and blood vessels that are damaged or infected in your tooth.

Tooth Discoloration Indicates A Problem

When our teeth become infected, it’s not unusual for this to result in exterior discoloration. The internal tissues begin to breakdown and cause the teeth to take on a gray-black appearance that is very noticeable. In this case, it can become necessary to remove the infected tissue using a root canal treatment. This isn’t the only reason that teeth can become discolored, but it’s a common one.

Swollen Gums

Gum disease is typically indicated with swelling gums, but persistently swollen gums may tell a different story. You may also experience the appearance of a gum boil, a clear indication that an abscess is present. In some cases, these boils can ooze pus that will taste bad and can also cause you to have halitosis or bad breath.

If you have these or other symptoms and are worried that a root canal may be required, give Sabal General Dentistry a call in Rockdale, TX. We work closely with patients in our surrounding community to ensure they can live a life with excellent oral health. When you schedule a visit to our office, you’ll be seen by Dr. Patrick O’Malley and his incredible team of dental experts. Don’t let the fear of a root canal leave you in serious pain or at risk of losing a tooth for good. We’re looking forward to helping you rebuild your dental health and your beautiful smile!

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