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Keeping Up With Braces Care On Vacation

Vacation is coming, and you’re excitedly getting everything ready to go! But have you taken the time to prepare your braces to make the journey with you? It may seem like a simple thing considering that you’re taking care of them every day already, but vacations are adventures, and adventures can be unpredictable things. This little checklist will ensure that you’re prepared to take care of your braces on your next vacation.

Recruit Your Dentist’s Assistance Before You Set Out
When you set out on a long road trip, you generally stop in to see a mechanic and make sure your vehicle is going to make the trip. When you’re heading out on vacation is just makes sense to stop in and see your dentist to ensure that your braces are in top condition and ready to see you through. Even if you’re wearing Invisalign, it makes sense to get a check-up with your dentist just to make sure nothing sneaks up on you while you’re gone.

Routine Is Vital, Make Sure You Can Keep To Yours
Whether you’re wearing braces that never come out or Invisalign that can come out for 2 hours out of every day, there are routines associated with taking care of them. Given that you’ll always be on the go on your vacation make sure that you set alarms, so you don’t miss any vital care points. With Invisalign, you should be sure to set a timer at the beginning of any meal, so you don’t rush out and forget to put them back in.

Snack Attacks Are Frequent On Vacation, Bring Yours!
One of the limitations on wearing braces is the kinds of snacks you’re able to enjoy. Unless you’re very familiar with where you’re going be sure to bring along your favorite varieties that are braces safe. You never know when you’re going to be near your next snack station, or when a snack attack is going to hit, so load up your bag before you go!

Your Travel Kit Will Keep Your Braces Fit
When you first started on your braces adventure, you almost certainly had a pack full of orthodontic wax to help protect your lips, cleaning equipment, an extra brush for when you ate during the day, etc. When you go on vacation, you’re going to want to make sure you do the same thing. Even with Invisalign, you want to have the previous tray with you in case something should go awry on your trip. Pack a travel kit with all the essentials to make sure your braces are in top condition throughout.

While you’re planning your vacation why not make an appointment with Dr. David Pendleton in Rockdale, TX? When you stop in at the Rockdale Smile Center, you’ll be seen by experts in orthodontic and dental work that will ensure you’re able to enjoy your vacation with a certain peace of mind. Don’t let your braces impede your ability to have fun on your vacation, stop in and see your dentist today!

Dr. Beau Blankenship, DDS Under the guidance of Dr. Beau Blankenship, Sabal General Dentistry brings dental care to families in and around the Rockdale, TX area with over a decade of experience. As a dental surgery graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center, he focuses on building patient relationships that last a lifetime.

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