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Maintaining Your Dental Restoration

Dental Restoration Types

When you’ve taken the big step to receive dental restorations so you can smile with confidence again, it’s a cause for celebration. No matter what caused you to need the replacements, you can now confidently share your smile without reservation. Receiving dental restorations is an important moment, but what follows is essential in making sure they last while looking their best. They’re relatively simple to care for. Following is a brief list of methods to maintain your restoration so they can last a lifetime.

Keep Up With Your Oral Hygiene

While restorations may not be living tissue, they can still serve as a platform for the build-up of plaque and tartar. This build-up can, just like with your natural teeth, result in gingivitis and periodontal disease if it isn’t kept in check. As a result, you’ll need to maintain your twice a day brushing, keep up with flossing, and always finish your oral hygiene sessions with a burst of mouthwash. These steps will prevent gum disease and prevent your restorations from becoming stained. Even better, it will help keep your breath fresh!

Wear A Mouth Guard When Keeping Active

Active lifestyles are a fantastic way of keeping ourselves healthy and fit, but they come with a certain degree of risk for our natural teeth and restorations alike. When we’re out enjoying all that our body can do, we put ourselves at risk of impacts, trips, and falls that can all cause a jolt to our teeth. Both natural teeth and restorations are prone to damage from these events. As a result, we advise wearing a mouthguard when participating in them. A properly fitted mouth guard will help distribute the force of the blow and protect your teeth from becoming chipping, cracked, or worse.

Battle Bruxism With Night Guards

Gritting, grinding of our teeth can cause serious problems for them. Bruxism, the medical term for chronic grinding or clenching of our teeth, can happen at any time of day. The most commonly reported period of the day for it to happen is at night while we’re sleeping. To help protect our natural and restored teeth from this condition the dental industry has created night guards. Nightguards do much the same work as mouth guards but are made for wearing while you’re asleep. Nightly wear guarantees that you won’t damage your teeth by grinding them, and also helps you sleep better by preventing pain from a sore jaw caused by this behavior.

Restoring your teeth is an often costly investment that we make in a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Once they’ve been properly fitted and placed, you want to protect them from anything that will mar their appearance. Consistent visits to the dentist remain essential in this goal. During your visit, they’ll be checked for damage and undergo a professional cleaning to keep them looking amazing. If it’s time for your restorations to receive their twice-yearly cleaning, call us at Sabal General Dentistry in Rockdale, TX today! We’ll be anticipating meeting you at our office.

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