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The Top Aesthetic and Restorative Products Used By Dentists

Aesthetic Dentistry

As dentists, we love our products. Our tools are part of our trade and represent a huge investment in our practices and patients’ well-being. For many treatments, the success rates for the products we use matter because these rates represent the positive outcomes when treating our patients. However, conversations about these products and how they’re used often go under the radar. Today we’re going to look at some top recommended products that are commonly used in practices for restorations and cosmetic procedures to start off the new year.

Composites, Whitening Systems, and Bonding Agents Galore

If you’ve ever decided to visit a cosmetic dentist, then you’re probably aware of how important cosmetic and restorative dentists work towards getting your smile right. To make this possible, the majority of those procedures consist of having the right product at hand to perform your care. Besides the need for consistent technique and technical skill, working with products with high clinical success rates and approval from organizations such as the FDA and ADA can ultimately change the way treatments are performed. Having the right products at hand can also determine how successful practice will be at the end of the day.

So, with that idea in mind, we’re here to breakdown some well-known products and how these products are used in today’s dental atmosphere to treat patients:

  • Omnichroma Composites: The Omnichroma flow composite helps to repair tooth structures and makes up the core component of restorations. It works to combine tooth shades with a composite resin material to make restoring teeth easier. Another example of a composite resin system that’s been extremely popular has been the Venus Pearl One due to its ability to blend seamlessly to the dentition.
  • Optibond Curing Adhesive: The Optibond universal solution is a bond9ing system that primes the tooth for restorative procedures with adhesives. This system works with all types of cement and composites and has been highly reliable among dentists. Another option that’s been used is the 3M RelyX Universal Resin and Adhesive system.
  • Pulpdent BioActive Restorative: Bioactive restoratives have become the latest trend in dentistry due to their ability to infuse fluoride and other minerals into the tooth during the restoration process. With this in mind, the Pulpdent Bioactive Restorative has been extremely trusted among dentists interested in this field of work, alongside other options such as the Ceramir Restore Quick cap.
  • Kor Teeth Whitening System: Among whitening systems, which are considered extremely popular among patients, the demands of teeth whitening procedures have led to the use of all-encompassed whitening systems, such as the Kor system, alongside others like the SDI In-Office system.

While there are many products often used by dentists, each product offers its own take on dental care that dentists often have to selectively choose based on finances, techniques, and investment goals. For cosmetic and restorative dentists, choosing the right product means everything for their ability to care for their patients. If you want to learn more, speaking with your cosmetic dentist is the best place to start learning more.

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