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What Is A Zirconia Crown?


Medical advances quickly in our modern age, and dental technology marches with it. Every year we see new advancements and innovations that provide opportunities to restore damaged teeth in ways we couldn’t before. Crowns and bridges have been a central part of restorative dentistry for decades, but the latest developments bring techniques and materials that have changed how it’s done. One of those innovations involves the use of a special metal known as Zirconia to restore your teeth like never before.

What Are Bridges And Crowns?

These terms are used to describe prosthetic devices that are cemented in place to preserve the remaining teeth and boost the function and appearance of a patient’s mouth. The neighboring teeth are used to secure bridges into place, replacing the missing teeth, in most cases. However, there are also implant mounts that bridges can be secured to in cases where teeth aren’t available. Crowns encase the foundation of a tooth that has been damaged to the point that it the dentist reduces it to a nub for mountain these. Both crowns and bridges are used to strengthen teeth and restore function to patients’ mouths. They also benefit existing teeth by redistributing wear.

What Are Zirconia Crowns?

Zirconia crowns are a special form of crown that is made from a relative of titanium that has a remarkable level of durability that makes it perfect for withstanding the crushing and grinding that teeth undergo. The best thing about them is that your dentist can make them the same day that the scan of your tooth is taken, making it a vast improvement time-wise over porcelain dentistry. You can go in to see your dentist and have a Zirconia crown measured and fitted without having to make a second appointment.

What Disadvantages Exist With Zirconia Crows?

Current Zirconia crown technology means that the crowns don’t have the translucent quality of teeth like porcelain crowns do. While research and development continue to create Zirconia crowns with this quality currently they aren’t available. The other drawback is the mixed blessing of being able to get one in a single visit. While you certainly won’t have to schedule a second appointment to get a crown, you will have to spend more time at your dentist on that single visit due to the process involved. For most patients, this is going to wind up being a worthwhile exchange.

If restoration dentistry may be in your future consider giving a call to Dr. David Pendleton at the Rockdale Smiles Center in Rockdale, TX. They have been staying abreast of the restoration dentistry industry for the entirety of their career, and are happy to be able to offer the latest innovations available. Don’t let your smile continue to be a source of embarrassment when the technology exists to restore it to a beautiful white shine. At Rockdale Smiles Center your whole family will receive the preventative care they need to avoid restorative dentistry, and an expert hand when it’s required. Call today!

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